Too early to say if Itea tremor was mainshock

Central Greece was struck by a magnitude 5.3 earthquake at noon on Saturday.

The Athens Geodynamic Institute said the moderate tremor occurred at 12.46 p.m. about 132 kilometers northwest of Athens, near the seaside town of Itea, at a depth of 13.7 kilometers.

Seismologists were not sure if the quake, which was felt in Athens, was the mainshock or a precursor.

The director of the institute, Gerassimos Papadopoulos, said that it was too early to ascertain if the tremor was the main quake.

He said it was definite that smaller tremors would follow while seismologist Efthymios Lekkas said that the region where the quake struck is “sensitive” and prone to quake activity.

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