Young Greek model acquitted of charges from Hong Kong High Court

The Greek model Eirini Melissaropoulou was acquitted of charges from the Hong Kong High Court on Wednesday. The young model faced drug trafficking indictments upon her arrest in the Hong Kong’s airport on 20 November 2017.

The 21-year old model had just landed at Hong Kong airport, arriving from Ethiopia, when she was arrested. Interestingly, the model underwent three security checks before airport authorities discovered in her luggage a quantity of 2.6 kilograms of cocaine.  The narcotic mix was mostly consisted of pure cocaine and was valued roughly €260.000. The model admitted that the particular suitcase was given to her by her close friend Petros who remained in Addis Ababa. Mr. Petros was expected to reach Hong Kong two days after the model’s arrival. Nonetheless, upon Mrs. Melissaropoulou’s arrival at the airport, her friend disappeared.

The young model was imprisoned throughout the court hearings procedure which lasted for seventeen months.  Prosecutors detained the Greek model over fears of leaving the country.

Mrs. Melissaropoulou admitted at the High Court that she did not have any knowledge of the cocaine quantities carried in her friend’s suitcase. The jury accepted the official plea of the young Greek model upon viewing lab evidence that proved no presence of Mrs. Melissaropoulou’s fingerprints on the suspicious bag. The jury, consisted of five men and two women voted for her acquittal during a three-hour deliberations procedure. Upon her exit from the court, rid of all charges, Mrs. Melissaropoulou appeared before the journalists covered with a veil and rushed towards her parents who were awaiting for her exit.

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