Greece releases Brexit-related guidance for UK citizens

The Greek Foreign Ministry has launched a new website to provide guidance to UK nationals living in Greece or planning to visit the country, aiming to help them prepare once the UK withdraws from the EU on March 29, a process known as ‘Brexit’.

“Whether it is for a short visit or for a desire to live in Greece for longer periods of time, Brexit will have consequences on the rights of British nationals and the formalities they will need to follow to stay in Greece permanently,” the ministry says on the website.

The ministry aims to ensure that Britons are fully aware of what to expect and what necessary steps may need to be taken once the UK becomes a third country as of March 30.

The new website provides answers are for a series of questions concerning mobility; residence and work permit; travel arrangements (visa-passport); healthcare; Greek nationality; and elections.

A section is also available for users to ask their own questions.

According to the ministry, the website will be updated soon with more questions and answers.

Press here to see the website.

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