Crete badly hit from Oceanis weather system

The island of Crete was badly hit by the recent Oceanis weather system. Continuous rainfall for more than six days resulted in severe disruptions in electricity, communications and transportation in the southernmost island of Greece.

Extensive damages have been recorded in the island’s road network from flooding rivers.  Live footage recorded the collapse of the century-old stone-made Keritis Bridge near the city of Chania as a result of heavy rainfall. Rescue authorities successfully evacuated villages as last-resort solutions for the protection local residents.

The worst incident so far has been the missing of a 60-year-old farmer whose car was drifted away by flooded waters from overflown rivers. A 30-men mission of Greek rescue authorities have initiated a manhunt within flood streams to discover the whereabouts of the missing farmer.

Ministry of Infrastructure officials and parliamentary representatives visited the island of Crete to evaluate the degree of sustained damages to infrastructure. Crete’s regional governor Stavros Arnaoutakis acknowledged that the island sustained severe damages from continuous rainfall and this may result into millions of euros directed into reconstruction works.

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