Greece coming second in populism among European countries

According to the results of this year’s “Authoritarian Populism Index” published by the Swedish Timbro Institute and presented to KEFIM, Greece ended up in second place over the support for authoritarian populist parties. The first place is occupied once more from Hungary, while Italy comes third.

In particular, according to the survey, “Greece is one of the four EU member states where its government is consisted only of populists, while the “populist” parties in general canvassed more than 50% of the votes in the last national elections of 2015″.

The phenomenon is not emerging only in Greece, since as the survey shows, “1 out of 4 Europeans voted an authoritarian populist party,” and “1 in 3 European governments is backed by at least one authoritarian populist party.”

The report also notes that “in Europe, right-wing populism is on its peak, while left-wing populism remain static, with the exception of Mediterranean countries where the populist parties of the radical left have greater influence.”

Timbro’s Authoritarian Populism Index uses data that have been in existence since 1980, making it the most comprehensive index of populism in Europe. Since its first release in 2016, the Index has been recognized as an important source of information over populism in Europe, while it mentions regularly international media such as the Economist, Die Welt and La Repubblica.

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