Greece gets its first cannabis vending machine

The Greek capital has launched Greece’s first cannabis vending machine in the centre of Athens, giving locals and tourists the opportunity to purchase from over 450 cannabis products.

Owned by Hemp Oil, the director of the company Christos Botsis said, “This idea was presented by our company at the Balcannabis Expo and was placed at Stamas Pesmatzoglou today in the heart of the city. We will put another machine in Thessaloniki opposite the White Tower.”

The vending machine contains 450 products and people can pay by cash or card to receive the products that contain cannabidiol, meaning people cannot get stoned with this type of cannabis, as it has no stimulant.

“Next week we are also launching a shop with cannabis products and we are also planning on putting these kinds of machines in plenty of hotels and tourist areas,” added Botsis.

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