Rally planned in Lesvos to demand closing of overcrowded migrant camp

A workers’ centre on the island of Lesvos said on Thursday it will hold a protest rally on February 7 at the port of Mytilene to request the closing of the overcrowded migrant reception centre in Moria, the transfer of refugees to the mainland and the improvement of living conditions in all centres.

The rally is planned at 6:30 p.m. on Sapfous square.

Speaking during a meeting of local bodies on Wednesday, the president of the workers’ centre Thodoris Aslanidis hailed the support locals have offered to refugees arriving on the island since the European migrant crisis erupted in 2015 and welcomed an initiative in Samos to hold a similar protest on the same day.

He also called on the islanders to isolate those who cultivate hatred towards migrants and refugees.

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