Fatal accidents at work down 38 pct; fines imposed up 243 pct

The inspections of the Labour Inspectorate Body in the period 2010-2018 increased by 3 pct compared to the period 2002-2009 and fines increased by 243 pct, accidents that were investigated by 9 pct, while fatal accidents at work not due to pathological causes were reduced by 38 pct and labor disputes examined by the Labor Inspectorate increased by 4 pct.

The amounts paid by enterprises to workers after the resolution of their labor disputes also increased by 218.2 pct, according to the Labor Inspectorate (SEPE).

The president of the Panhellenic Federation of Labor Inspectors’ Associations, Kleanthis Hatzinikolaidis ,said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) that the labour market was significantly hit by the crisis and, in particular, the private sector. “Wages, rights, unemployment, new jobs, were directly affected by the memorandum,” he noted.

However, in the last eight years there has been a fall in fatal accidents that are not due to pathological causes. In particular, 574 deaths from accidents at work were recorded, of which 318 were not due to pathological causes, compared to 1,034 in the period 2002-2009, of which 833 were not due to pathological causes.

Hatzinikolaidis explained to ANA that during the eight-year period 2010-2018, 451,532 inspections were performed by inspectors compared to 438,095 in the period 2002-2009, while 230,339,017 were the imposed fines against 94,801,687 in the period 2002-2009.

Moreover, he said that in the period 2010-2018 the reported accidents in the Labor Inspectorate amounted to 46,207 compared to 50,286 in the period 2002-2009.

Source ANA-MPA
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