Ergose: Lianokladi-Domokos rail line to open by end of February

The Lianokladi-Domokos rail line near Lamia in Central Greece, an electrified line replacing the single-track line, is set to be fully operational by February, Greek railways operator Ergose said this week.

A 31km section of the Tithorea-Domokos line from the new Lianokladi station to the Aggeion stop was opened earlier this week.

Ergose officials noted the the project was entering its final phase ahead of completion. The Lianokladi-Domokos segment is considered the most difficult part of the highly anticipated high-speed Athens-Thessaloniki rail line. Once completed, travel time from Athens to the northern port city will be less than 3.5 hours. 

The Lianokladi-Domokos project included the construction of five railway bridges and an underground twin tunnel. The line runs through the country and connects Greece with other countries via Turkey and Bulgaria.

Ergose said further test runs would be carried out this month along the remaining 21km segment of the line to Domokos, with the full line operational by the end of February.



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