Schools closed on Tuesday due to snowfall; extremely low temperatures in N. Greece

Schools in several parts of the country were closed on Tuesday due to heavy snowfall.

In northern Greece, most of the schools remained closed in order to avoid possible accidents, as schools in western Greece, Crete and the Aegean.

In Attica, schools in 46 out of the 66 municipalities of the Attica prefecture were closed.

Meawhile, police took measures and closed off vehicle access to many regional roads to prevent accidents.

Severe temperature drop in N. Greece

Freezing temperatures prevailed in several parts of Greece on Tuesday morning, according to the meteo station of the National Observatory of Athens.

The thermometer in Nevrokopi (Drama region) showed -21C followed by Neos Kafkasos (Florina region) with -20.4C.

Extremely low temperatures were recorded in the city of Grevena ( -19.9C), in the village of Vovousa (Ioannina region) -19.5C, in Mavrolithari (Fokida region) -19.3C, in the city of Florina -18.8C, in Ptolemaida -18.5C and in the village of Pertouli (Trikala region) -17.5C.

Very low temperatures were also recorded in Kozani -13C and -12C in Kastoria.

In the city of Thessaloniki the lowest temperatures was -04C while in the regions of eastern Macedonia and Thrace the thermometre showed -11C in the city of Drama and -09 in Orestiada.

Source ANA-MPA
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