Over 1,000 caretta caretta nests on Zakynthos in 2018

The sea turtle caretta caretta nests on the island of Zakynthos posted a significant rise in 2018 as the turtle nests hit a record number.

During the nesting season, from May to October 2018, the sea turtle protection society of Greece Archelon and the National Sea Park of Zakynthos counted 1,454 nests on the six beaches located in Laganas Gulf.

Especially in 2018 on the beach of Sekanies, the most popular for caretta-caretta, hosted 783 nests and 93,960 eggs. It is estimated that 1 of 1,000 hatchlings manages to survive so in this case approximately 94 baby turtles will get off the beach and go into the water.

Source ANA-MPA
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