French delegation enjoys Greek cuisine

The Enterprise Greece organization hosted French gastronomy and tourism journalists, food critics, and opinion makers for a culinary journey through Greece. The French delegation sampled the unique products and their use in Greek cuisine. Their “guide” was writer/chef, Dina Nicolaou, as they visited parts of Crete, September 24-28.

The aim of the trip, which is part of similar events targeting the French market, was to increase the awareness of the Greek diet in France as a healthy way of life and thus to increase Greek exports of food and beverages.

The first stop of the gastronomic trip was Eastern Crete. Traditional food production plants were visited. The delegation viewed traditional cheese-making, baked traditional bread, and tasted the traditional Cretan meat products. They were hosted by the Krousonas Women’s Association and saw the process of producing local sweets and savory dishes.

The Aldemar Group, which hosted the journalistic mission, organized a tasting event. Guests learned about local wines and products, and tasted the local cuisine. During their stay in Heraklion they traveled to Knossos and learned about the history of Minoan civilization.

Finally, in Athens, they had the opportunity to learn even more about Greek gastronomy products. They also participated in olive oil tasting, visited the Athens market, and tasted the updated, modern gastronomy.

Greece will also be participating in France’s major food fair, SIAL, to be held at the end of October.



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