Sani Resort replaces all plastic straws with biodegradable ones

Sani Resort, as part of the Sani Green program, has taken another step towards protecting the environment by replacing all plastic straws with biodegradable ones. This action complements a set of actions that have taken place over the past five years to reduce disposable plastic, which in the meantime has dropped by 70% in all the hotel group’s operations.

Sani Resort’s sustainability program, Sani Green, consists of three pillars:

a) Sustainability in hotel operation

b) Protection of local biodiversity

c) Supporting local communities and human resources of the company.

Under this programme, the company pays special attention to reducing the consumption of disposable plastic, which has decreased by 70 pct over the past five years, with initiatives such as banning the plastic bag in the mini-market. This year, all straws have been replaced with biodegradable straws and are only available on request.

Source ANA-MPA
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