Niarchos Foundation board approves 1.7 million euro gift for Evelpidon military school and staff training opportunities

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) board approved a 1.7-million-euro grant for the upgrade of the Greek military officers school and for overseas training opportunities of officers.

The gift comes as the Evelpidon school celebrates its 190th anniversary and will also allow officers to attend seminars and graduate programs at the West Point Academy in the United States.

SNF has previously given 5 million euros to the armed forces for the upgrade and medical equipment of 401 General Army Hospital of Athens.

In statements following a training exercise he observed, SNF president Andreas Drakopoulos praised “the multi-level work the Hellenic Army carries out and the high-level training of its personnel.”

He added that the Army’s social work “is not limited to managing critical situations; it also actively supports the development of local communities.” Therefore, he said, “any improvement in the existing services and forces of the Army and the rest of the armed forces can only contribute positively towards the strengthening Greek society and its citizens.”

Source ANA-MPA
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