India’s participation in TIF 2019 to boost bilateral relations

India‘s participation as honored country in the Thessaloniki International Fair 2019 will highlight the prospects of cooperation between the two countries, Tasos Tzikas, president of TIF-Helexpo said on Monday.

Speaking during a meeting between India’s Ambassador to Greece Mrs Shamma Jain and TIF-Helexpo’s administration, Tzikas said India’s participation in TIF will boost economic, trade, investment and cultural relations between the two countries.

India’s ambassador underlined the long historic and cultural relations between the two countries and stressed that India’s participation as an honored country will give a boost to bilateral trade relations.

The Thessaloniki International Fair 2019 will offer the opportunity to upgrade bilateral relations in the sectors of agriculture and tourism.

Kyriakos Pozrikidis, Helexpo’s CEO, said India will follow the United States as an honored country in TIF to add its own mark on the country’s most important trade event.

Source ANA-MPA
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