Greek student virtual business “Helm.e.t” wins Best Business Philosophy Award

The Greek student virtual business “Helm.e.t” won the Best Business Philosophy Award at the European Student Entrepreneurship Competition held in Belgrade.

Leaving behind countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain, the Helm.e.t company from the “Bouga School” in Kalamata managed to stand out as one of the nine best virtual student enterprises out of 39 participating in the 29th European Junior Entrepreneurship Competition.

The honorary president of Junior Achievement Greece, Litsa Panagiotopoulos, said: “The children had a special idea, and everyone was talking about the “smart helmet” from Greece.

“The prize they won is very important,” she said.

The children’s smart helmet does not allow the owner’s motorcycle to start if the driver has not worn his helmet. “We chose Helm.e.t because it is an excellent business that meets the criteria of this prize, solves a social problem with the use of high technology and has a prospect for the global market,” said Telegroup manager Aleksandar Vratonjic Gligorijevic.

Source ANA-MPA
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