A night run in the park

The Attica region in cooperation with the Sports Cultural Club “Athinaioi Dromeis” (Athens Runners) are organising the first-ever night run to be held in the Pedion tou Areos park in central Athens, after the sun sets on Friday.

The park will open up for those wishing to explore its paths and runners will be able to take part in either a 5km race or a 1,700m stroll. A party for the athletes, volunteers and friends of the park attending the event will follow.

The aim of the event is to reintroduce the park to Athenians and offer the public an opportunity to enjoy this extensive green space in the centre of the city.

The start of the 5km race will be at 20:52 (sunset) and the stroll will start at 21:30.

Those interested can sign up at http://www.athenianrunnersclub.gr/register while details about the race are available at https://www.athenianrunnersclub.gr/1os-agonas-parkou-nixterines-diadromes/

Source ANA-MPA
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