Turkish Air Force planes infringe Athens FIR in East Aegean

Two pairs of Turkish Air Force fighter jets entered the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) at 14:32 on Friday, flying in formation between Limnos and Lesvos islands without submitting flight plans, the Hellenic National Defense General Staff said.

A pair of F-4s flew over the Anthropofagi in the Fourni islands at 20,000 feet and exited Athens FIR at 15:03 between Samos and Kos islands, while the other pair, F-16s, flew over Anthropofagi and Fourni at 8,700 feet and exited the Athens FIR at 15:03, also between Samos and Kos.

The Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by Greek fighter planes.

Source ANA-MPA
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