Migrants and refugees continue to occupy central Mytilene square

Roughly 200 refugees and migrants, mostly Afghans, remained at Sappho’s Square in the centre of Mytiline, Lesvos for a third consecutive day on Thursday, protesting over delays in the processing of their asylum applications and poor living conditions at the Moria hotspot.

The march and protests were fuelled by rumors that an Afghai refugee who could not be treated at Moria due to the inadequate and overcrowded facilities, was transferred to hospital and died there. The hospital denied the rumor, stating that the man, who has a serious and chronic heart condition, is being treated in Mytiline Hospital intensive care unit.

Conditions at Moria continue to present challenges, as there are now over 6,500 migrants living there, far exceeding the hotspot’s capacity, while the number of migrants and refugees on Lesvos is close to 9,000.

Lesvos Mayor Spiros Galinos asked police to immediately evacuate the square and restore order, stating that the citizens and the town cannot be used as a means to exert pressure on the authorities.

Source ANA-MPA
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