Growth Awards presented by Eurobank & Grant Thornton

Eurobank and Grant Thornton presented on Tuesday the Growth Awards to businesses that stood apart from the competition, despite the crisis, combining high financial performance, unique corporate history, domestic presence with outward-looking potential, business ethics and work culture.

New Democracy President Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed the awards ceremony which was attended by representatives of the political, economic, academic and business communities of the country.

To select the winners, the two organisations studied more than 8,000 businesses in Greece. Around 150-200 businesses were short-listed to the final phase, according to the Grant Thornton Financial Growth/Health Matrix and the Eurobank credit rating tools. The panel of judges that evaluated the candidacies consisted of 17 distinguished individuals from the business and academic arena.

The six award winners were:

1. DEMO ABEE for operating/business improvement.

2. Sunlight Systems for product/market development.

3. Masoutis Supermarket SA for human resources and corporate culture.

4. ELVIAL SA for investments.

5. Genesis Pharma SA for corporate social responsibility.

6. Titan Cement SA for business excellence.

Source ANA-MPA
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