Mitsos, the bear, passes away at the Arcturos shelter

Mitsos, one of the first bears of the Arcturos shelter, passed way at the age of 29 years. According to the standards of bear, Mitsos lived a long life, starting as a “dancing bear“.

Firstly, he was taken away by the relevant authorities, but had to be given back, due to lack of facilities to host him. After complaints that his owner used him as “dancing bear” once more, he was taken to the zoo of Florina in 1992. When he stayed there, he was called “the escape artist”, because he tried a lot of times to escape, but still was very cooperative. After a year, he was given to Arcturos for dental work, due to its prior poor living conditions, and then he was given permanentely to Arcturos shelter.

At the time being, there are 14 bears in the shelter. The Arcturos shelter will be modernised and expanded, under the auspices of a programme to create an International Environmental Centre. Donations are provided by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, giving it the opportunity to host more bears.

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