FYROM Minister of Foreign Affairs: A positive agenda may help in the name issue

The need for a general positive context, based on a common beneficial future, was highlighted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of FYROM, Dimitrov. The issue of the name will be resolved, as soon as both countries have common national interests and work towards the elimination of past grudges. As it was mentioned in the press conference on Thursday, the process of getting together and closer is a very interesting turning point, starting in Hyatt hotel in Thessaloniki.

Dimitrov met personally with Nikos Kotzias, where the discussion focused on the creation of a positive agenda and the necessity for a stronger cooperation of the civil society, educational institutions and NGO’s. Dimitrov, between many things, said that the atmosphere of the meeting was encouraging and that both Ministers worked on issues and topics that progress could be reached, as it is viewed as a means of erasing divisions and a way to reaching an agreement on the name issue. Finally, they decided to organise a business forum for both countries.


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