Dublin: The 3rd Greek Business and Arts Festival opens its doors on Sunday, 24th February

The Hellenic Community of Ireland proudly organises the 3rd Greek Business and Arts Festival to be held on Sunday, 24th February at Dublin, Ireland. The festival will feature several cultural performances, artistic exhibitions and wine and food stalls with renowned Greek delights! Doors will open at 12:00 pm in the Custom House Quay, located in the Dublin Docklands, off the banks of River Liffey. The festival is supported by the Custom House Quay and Epic – the Irish Immigration Museum.

The 3rd Greek Business and Arts Festival brings together members of the Greek and Cypriot communities with the Irish Society.  The festival aims to help Greek-speaking residents in Ireland to acquire new friends, establish business connections, discuss the potential for new business ventures, and marketise their products and services to the broader public.

The festival facilitates the Passport to Business initiative set off by the Hellenic Community in Ireland in cooperation with the Bolton Trust and the Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship. The initiative seeks to provide commercial education to Greek-speaking entrepreneurs and facilitate entry of new entrepreneurs in the Irish marketplace. As part of the business programme provided by the Hellenic Community, access may also be secured to the renowned Guinness Enterprise Centre, a leading incubator in Ireland for the initiation of new business ventures.

To learn more about the forthcoming event please click to visit the Hellenic Community of Ireland website

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