Son of Greek migrants Christos Doulkeridis set to become mayor of Ixelles in Brussels

A substantial rise, mostly of the local green party “Ecolo-Groen”, marked the result of the regional and municipal elections on Sunday in Belgium. In the region of Brussels the party’s percentage skyrocketed, with the political analysts referring to a ‘green wave’. The most spectacular increase was posted in the municipality of Ixelles, where the “Ecolos” headed by Greek candidate Christos Doulkeridis came first with 33 pct.

Doulkeridis noted that the rise of the greens in Belgium is attributed to two factors: “the fight against climate change, the biggest danger that threatens humanity today, and people’s battle against obscurantism and the extreme right that today are threatening Europe.”

Christos Doulkeridis, the son of migrant miners arriving in Belgium in the ’60s, is the first Greek expected to win the elections to lead a municipality in Brussels.

Source ANA-MPA


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