Greek American Zervos Person of the Year for breaking silence

Greek American Summer Zervos is included in Time Magazine’s list for Person of the Year entitled “Silence Breakers.”

Time magazine has decided to contribute to the fight against sexual harassment by naming several women Person of the Year for their courage and determination to speak out in order to stop the trend of sexual misconduct.

Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Ashley Judd and Susan Fowler are featured on the magazine’s cover. With them is Greek American Summer Zervos, who gained instant fame through her participation in the Apprentice.

Zervos is one of approximately 20 women who has publicly accused U.S. President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

According to her account, as it was reported in the National Herald, Zervos was eliminated from the Apprentice competition on the 2006 season. In 2007, she requested a lunch with Trump. Instead, he asked her to come by his office where he “welcomed” her with an open-mouth kiss which he repeated for “goodbye.”

The 41-year-old restaurateur from California was astonished but was later reassured by friends and family that such behaviour may have been just Trump’s weird way of greeting people.

After the first incident, the Greek American had one more encounter with Trump when he invited her to dinner at a Beverly Hills hotel. On this occasion, Trump was allegedly bolder in his physical advances which she warded off.

Trump has denied all allegations by calling Zervos and other accusers, liars. However, by doing so, the President may have actually trapped himself. There is the likelihood that Trump could face impeachment and might be called to testify not on the charge of harassment but on trying to defame the women.

Zervos filed a defamation suit in New York State Supreme Court in January. If the case moves forward, Trump could be following in Bill Clinton’s footsteps.

Since October, a large number of women have gone public to denounce inappropriate advances made by powerful men in business, sports, media, entertainment and politics.



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