Alexandra Pascalidou: The posters at the Nazi demonstration are now a case for the justice

A few days ago, nazis and racists in Sweden used Alexandra Pascalidou’s face to project their hate and to demand her deportation from the country.

The Greek- Swedish journalist, author and television hostess pressed charges against them and sent her own message to those who supported her in her official Instagram account.

”The posters at the Nazi demonstration are now a case for the justice. I’m on my way to the International Media Conference in Leipzig, Germany to speak on journalism under threat. Thank you all for your massive support and solidarity. Every word counts. You’re the reason I still stand up. You are many more than the dark forces trying to silence us. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Keep supporting and empowering each other! #gratitude #solidarity #support #thankyou #nohate”

See her full post below.


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