President Anastasiades tells SGOs to submit their budgets on time

President Nicos Anastasiades told semi-government boards on Wednesday they needed to be more timely in submitting their budgets to the House because parliament had warned they would not approve overdue budgets.

He said he thought parliament’s position was justified and urged the boards to comply.

The comment was part of a brief speech he gave at a lunch for the outgoing and incoming board members of the semi-government organisations at the presidential palace.

He also reminded them to respect the rules of meritocracy and not to “distinguish employees based on party identity, but on merit”.

“I want to clarify that this is the policy followed by the government and therefore by extension the semi-government organisations have an obligation to follow the same policy,” he said.

Another issue, Anastasiades told the group that the organisations should, prior to any decisions they make, run them by the relevant ministers

“I say this because many times decisions of the board of directors are made without consultation with the competent minister and this may cause significant problems in government policy and planning,” he said. He did not give any examples.

On the issue of submitting budgets on time, he said: “It is a sine qua non, and is a matter of absolute consistency that the new boards of directors be timely in submitting the budget to parliament.”

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