Foreign minister Christodoulides heading for Oman, boosting ties

Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides said the government was committed to further relations with Oman both on a bilateral and multilateral level.

Ahead of his official visit to Oman on February 6-7, Christodoulides said the visit constituted a significant step towards further strengthening relations in a tangible manner in an array of fields including trade and education.

“The foundation for enhancing and deepening existing cooperation, especially in areas such as trade, investment, education, tourism is very strong and the prospects are indeed very positive. I am optimistic that my visit will contribute significantly towards this direction,” he said.

Asked about the objectives of his visit to Oman, he said it was a long-anticipated visit, his first to the Sultanate since assuming office in March 2018.

Regional developments will also be discussed, he said, particularly through the prism of how Cyprus and Oman, two countries that actively promote regional stability, could work together to more effectively advance stability and security in the broader region of the Middle East and the Gulf.

The visit was also part of a tour to all the countries in the region, adding that “this is in line with our committed efforts to enhance and deepen relations with countries in the Middle East and Gulf, a core pillar of our foreign policy.”

“Cyprus and Oman are like-minded countries in many ways, and a manifestation of this is the presence and actions of Cyprus and Oman in the region that aim primarily at contributing to the efforts to strengthen stability and security,” he said.

He recalled that upon assuming his new responsibilities at the Foreign Ministry in March 2018, some of the very first visits he made were to neighbouring countries in the Middle East and the Gulf region.

“High on the agenda of all my discussions during these visits – including my official visit to Oman – is how to foster understanding and collaboration, how to construct a positive, results oriented agenda between the EU and the region, how to get the EU more actively involved in the challenges but also the opportunities the region presents,” he said.

“We will continue to make the case for the region in Brussels and for the need for closer relations and greater involvement of the EU in the wider region,” Christodoulides added.

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