National council meeting to discuss ‘loose federation’

President Nicos Anastasiades was on Tuesday briefing party leaders on his idea of a decentralised federation as a form of settlement.

Asked on Monday, on the sidelines of an event in Nicosia, Anastasiades said “I will present (a more detailed proposal) and I will listen (to the views of the national council’s members).”

The meeting that is taking place is a follow-up of the national council`s meeting that took place on October 8.

Government Spokesman, Prodromos Prodromou, has said that in view of the demand of the Turkish Cypriot side for one positive vote at every decision- making level, Anastasiades, suggested that “we could look into the possibility of a decentralized system” in a way that the central state will have the powers which are necessary in order to be a normal state.

Anastasiades himself has described his ideas as “food for thought.”

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