63rd anniversary of the EOKA struggle for independence

The 63rd anniversary of the EOKA struggle for independence was celebrated at the Imprisoned Graves, in Nicosia, with the presence of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades. President Anastasiades mentioned that bravery, unity and faith were the principles that led to the establishment of the republic, and these are needed to remain focused on the goal of the reunification of the island. Also, Anastasiades said that a series of unfortunate events, such as mistakes and divisions and the Turkish greed, has led to the existing situations.

On the other hand, the Turkish Cypriots leader Mustafa Akinci, in an event held in the north part, mentioned that in the past the Cypriots started the armed struggle against the British colony, in the beginning, but aiming for being united with Greece; such a movement would lead to the erasure of the Turkish culture, which was existing in the island till that time. Furthermore, he underlined that if the Greek Cypriot part admits that there are other cultures as well, which are equal, and have the right to co-rule the area, then it would be a good start for a future solution.

To commemorate the EOKA struggle for independence, a series of events are to be held in the island, with a number of political persons being presents in ceremonies, paradies and church liturgies. President Anastasiades is also to attend an event by the Association of the 1955-1959 Eoka Fighters.

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