President Anastasiades: We are in close cooperation with Greece on EEZ, Cyprus issue and relations with Turkey

“We are in close cooperation with Greece on the EEZ issue, the Cyprus issue and our relations with Turkey, and we will determine the next steps taking into account the short-term as well as the long-term consequences for both countries,” Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

“I remain determined to continue the dialogue, at least as far as the domestic issues are concerned. But with regard to a Cyprus Conference, a good preparation should be made,” he added.

He underlined that Cyprus stands next to Greece – in all the struggles and all their efforts on all fronts, national, political, economic etc. In this context, he noted, Cyprus will also support Greece after the end of the memoranda.

Referring to the FYROM name issue, he said: “It is not only a political issue, it is a national issue that touches the hearts of the Greeks.” At the same time, he noted that this is a matter “that needs to be handled by Greece itself.”

Source ANA-MPA
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