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North Macedonia begins renaming state institutions, agencies

The cabinet of the newly-named Republic of North Macedonia requested of 136 institutions and foundations that they change immediately their signage on the entrances to their premises, updating their names as stipulated by the terms of the…

What if you eat moldy bread?

It's 3 a.m. You're craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — or maybe a grilled cheese. You open the bread bag and — ugh! — the bread is blue with mold along one edge.

Can you really outrun a fire?

Although it may look easy in the movies, trying to outrun a fire can quickly turn into a hopeless situation. It seems like it should be possible, given the faster relative speed of humans to most fires, but there are so many other factors…

Why does time fly when you’re having fun?

The world's most precise clocks run at a steady pace, messing up by only about 1 second every 300 million years. But the brain takes those rhythmic seconds and makes its own sense of time ...