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France and Iran resumed diplomatic ties

After a year of frosty relations, France and Iran decided to re-establish ties by exchanging ambassadors. The French Ambassador was called in for consultations during 2018 upon the detainment of four citizens of Iranian origins, suspected…

Do tornadoes always move from west to east?

A good rule of thumb when learning about tornadoes: There's no such thing as always. Sure, some rules aren't easily broken; lying low in an interior room bathroom tub, for instance, is going to be a lot safer than riding out a tornado in a…

5 things you didn’t know about autopsies

To hear the alleged witnesses tell it, Peter Howseley had been fatally assaulted. The year was 1690 and Howseley was a Londoner who perished under contentious circumstances.

Bulgaria-Russia discussed Turkish Stream, Belene Projects

In what it appears to be a political rapprochement, Bulgaria normalised its relations with Russia seven years upon frosty communication. The two state rapprochement was verified by the visit of the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in…