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Major Benaki exhibition to commemorate 1821 War of Independence

Rare archival material on the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Turks will emerge from the vaults of three banks for an exhibit at Benaki Museum in 2021, to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the uprising's beginning in 1821.

Bullying – A plague of our modern societies

The Greek non-governmental organisation Smile of the Child issued on Wednesday a report about the phenomenon of school-based bullying in Greece. The Greek authorities have designated 6th March as the national anti-bullying day. The report…

Ioannina’s Silversmithery Museum: A gem to be admired

The reputation of Ioannina’s silversmiths has for centuries traveled beyond Greece’s borders. The items they made were so unique, so exquisitely crafted, that they went down in history as being among Europe’s finest.