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GRECA: Ecommerce market in Greece will contribute €4 billion revenues in 2019

The Greek eCommerce Association (GRECA) published a survey for ecommerce activities in the Greek online market. Estimations about the ecommerce activity in Greece are expected to surpass the €4 billion threshold by the end of 2019. This represents an 8% increase to the €3.7 billion revenues reaped in 2018.

IMF: Greece among best performers in eurozone

Greece has entered a period of economic growth that puts it "among the best performers in the eurozone". That rather striking judgement comes from the International Monetary Fund in a new report on the Greek economy.

Creditors want home protection criteria shift

Greece’s creditors are insisting on a drastic reduction of the maximum property and income criteria for the protection of borrowers’ homes, or the exemption of corporate debts, before approving the Greek plan, sources have said.

Greek merchant fleet contracted for 2018

The Greek merchant fleet has shown a minor decline in 2018. The number of vessels registered under the Greek flag were diminished as compared to the 2017 data. According to recent data, the number of Greek flagged vessels reached 671 in…