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Turkish President Erdogan lashes out against all

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unleashed a disturbing tirade against several countries in recent days. In the build-up of forthcoming municipal elections in Turkey, expected to be held next Saturday, 31st March, President Erdogan has lashed out at opponents using stern language. The first victim in the Turkish President’s nationalist…

Turkish illegal actions in the Cypriot maritime zones

Over the last months, a Turkish survey vessel, “HayreddinBarbarosPasa”, escorted by Turkish warships, has carried out seismic surveys within the continental shelf and the Exclusive Economic Zone (“EEZ”) of Cyprus on two occasions.

European Parliament halts accession talks with Turkey

The European Parliament's plenary session approved on Wednesday a proposal by its Foreign Affairs Committee to suspend accession negotiations with Turkey, by 370 votes in favor, 109 against and 143 abstentions, prompting Ankara's immediate…