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The Long Horizon Radar System and the 2019 Noble Dina Naval Exercise

Greece and Cyprus have deepened military cooperation ties with Israel in past months. This is best evidenced from resurged interest in the permanent installation of a marine radar system in Eastern Crete. The so-called Long Horizon system would cost approximately $8 billion – a rather considerable amount of expenses for the debt-squeezed defence…

Nikos Georgiadis sentenced for sexual abuse charges

The Three-Member Court of First Instance in Athens indicted Nikos Georgiadis for sexual child abuse charges with a 28-month imprisonment upon suspension and a €20.000 compensation to be given to the three plaintiffs

Police dismantle cocaine-trafficking ring in Attika

The Attica police on Monday struck another blow against drug-trafficking outfits operating in Greece, dismantling a ring importing large quantities of cocaine into the country from Colombia.