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Albania’s political turmoil continues

Tirana appears to be embroiled into a serious political turmoil which might destabilise the already fragile security conditions in Albania and increase tensions with the local Greek ethnic minority.

Rally at Syntagma square; injuries reported

A rally was held on Sunday at Syndagma square against the Prespes Agreement at 14:00. According to information among the speakers of the rally was the president of the Greek-American Union Chris Spyrou, the singer Afroditi Manou and the…

Omonia rally held to protest Kostopoulos death

A demonstration was held in central Athens late Friday to protest the death of 33-year-old Zak Kostopoulos. Left wing groups gathered at Omonia and marched to the point where Kostopoulos was attacked and then went on to Syntagma.

Rally against fascism in Athens

An antifascist rally organised by antiracist groups, organisations of non-parliament leftist parties, associations and refugee-migrants communities took place in Athens on Saturday.