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European Parliament: Final Decision for Daylight Time Change in 2021

The European Parliament endorsed on Tuesday to cease the compulsory summer time change which extends daylight hours across European countries. The new recommendation allows member states to decide from 2021 either to endorse the current summer time system or scrap the biannual clock changes. Currently, the 28 EU member states are forced to move the…

British Parliament votes on hard Brexit

The British Parliament on Tuesday night experienced a kind of shock treatment when the majority Members of Parliament (MPs) outvoted Prime Minister Theresa May’s new divorce deal snapped up with European authorities. Britain has entered a…

Parliament approves Greece’s budget for 2019

The 2019 draft budget submitted by the government passed with a majority vote of 154 votes on Tuesday night. A total of 297 deputies were present at the roll call vote, and 143 MPs of the opposition voted against it.