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Video games can affect men’s sex drive

Italian scientists analyzed data from 396 men aged 18 to 50, 72% of whom were playing video games for at least one hour each day and the rest of them were playing less or not at all.

Things a man wants in a woman

What do men want in women? It is a question that still remains unanswered to females. If you want to know, keep reading!

What a man disappears after having sex?

You see him, you like him, he likes you. Of course, things move fast, and then he disappears. Neither a phone nor a message. What happens now?

Three most common things that a man is looking for in a woman

Most women know what they want in a relationship, however for men things are a bit different. What differentiates them from female sex, is panic. Suddenly they start wondering if the woman next to them is the perfect companion. It goes…

Five unexpected things that men find attractive in a woman

Sometimes women see some things as flaws, but for men, it seems that things are completely different. There are even some things on us that make us feel uncomfortable, which the opposite side regards as lovable. Below, you can see five…

What men notice first about women?

Do the new generations of men remain faithful to the "old principles", or they look for something different from the women around them? What men notice first about a woman?

Five things men do after a breakup

Men deal with a breakup completely different that women use to, whether they are the ones who gave the end to the relationship or not. Below, you can see the five most common things men ...