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General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad

Diaspora Greeks with Ionian island descent to meet on Corfu

Greeks of the diaspora from the Ionian Islands will meet on Corfu in September, in the first such international conference organized by the regional authorities with the Foreign Ministry, and the General Secreteriat of Greeks Abroad specifically

The number of Greeks who moved abroad during the crisis

According to the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad, more than 350,000 Greek citizens have abandoned their country during the ongoing 7-year economic recession. Most of the data was gathered directly from statistic bureaus and other…

What Countries Have the Most Diaspora Greeks?

A recent report by the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad (GSGA) has documented that over 5 million people make up the Diaspora Greek population around the world. The data showed that people of Greek origin live in 140 different…