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Thessaloniki port will have growth, Shipping Minister Kouvelis says

Shipping Minister Fotis Kouvelis on Sunday said that Thessaloniki port will have growth but a growth that should be positive for the national and for the local economy. "The port can't see only towards the sea but also towards the city and the wider region" underlined the minister.

Fotis Kouvelis meets with EUROPOL executive director De Bolle

The needs of Greek authorities and practices for further cooperation were the main issues at a meeting between Shipping and Island Policy Minister Fotis Kouvelis with the executive director of EUROPOL Catherine De Bolle on Tuesday.

Fotis Kouvelis visits quake-stricken Zakynthos

Shipping and Island Policy Minister Fotis Kouvelis arrived on the quake-stricken island of Zakynthos late Friday to examine the damages provoked by the quake to the port's infrastructures.

Fotis Kouvelis meets with Chinese transport minister

Shipping Minister Fotis Kouvelis met with Chinese Transport Minister Li Xiaopeng on Monday where they agreed to boost bilateral strategic ties in the areas of shipping, ports, investments, between the two nations as well as at a European…