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International Women’s Day: An Appraisal

On 8 March every year we celebrate International Women’s Day. But what is the actual meaning behind this cause celebre? The following article is a praise for all ordinary and special women in our lives, commemorating their indispensable…

Bullying – A plague of our modern societies

The Greek non-governmental organisation Smile of the Child issued on Wednesday a report about the phenomenon of school-based bullying in Greece. The Greek authorities have designated 6th March as the national anti-bullying day. The report…

PHOTO: This is the biggest gift for Gisele

She has walked on the catwalk for the most famous designers, and she has made a lot of money as a model, but the "biggest gift" for Gisele is neither the glory nor the money. The Brazilian beauty has two children; eight-year-old Benjamin…

VIDEO: This dog finds its family after 3 years

A touching video is circulating on the internet the last few days, showing a dog that has found its family after almost 3 years. Watch the video here, as it was released on Jukin Media YouTube Channel.