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New changes on Facebook’s news feed

Facebook draws new changes in the way that news feed on Facebook will be filtered out and featured, with an emphasis on each user's friends and relatives.

Facebook help us get rid of annoying friends

We all have at least one friend on Facebook, who makes posts all day long,  showing details of what he does and how he does it. One solution is to delete him/her from friends. However, many of us do not take it as an option and so Mark…

Facebook admits that it could be harmful to its users

Researchers of the largest social media network admitted to a corporate blog, that there are indeed independent studies that say spending time on Facebook "by consuming passive information" can "make people feel worse" mentally and…

Facebook launches Messenger for Kids

Facebook launches Facebook Kids, the new Facebook app for kids under the age of thirteen. The young users will be able to make individual or group conversations with their parents-approved contacts, or send videos, photos, sketches, and…