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House of Commons: Brexit saga continues

The Brexit saga continues on Monday night with the British parliament being asked to vote on four alternative courses of the Brexit option.These counterproposals come as a response to the thrice-rejected Brexit deal brought to the parliament by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Jimmy Jamar: A Greek Philanthropist

What is the relationship between a European Commission head, a philanthropist and a person who until his early adulthood spent summer family vacations on a cruise ship sailing at the Ionian Sea and docking at Katakolo Port in south-east…

Turkish President Erdogan lashes out against all

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unleashed a disturbing tirade against several countries in recent days. In the build-up of forthcoming municipal elections in Turkey, expected to be held next Saturday, 31st March, President Erdogan…

France and Iran resumed diplomatic ties

After a year of frosty relations, France and Iran decided to re-establish ties by exchanging ambassadors. The French Ambassador was called in for consultations during 2018 upon the detainment of four citizens of Iranian origins, suspected…