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Flooded rivers and streams as heavy rainfalls & strong winds strike Crete

Heavy rainfalls and strong winds have been striking the island of Crete since early Friday morning, confirming the meteorologists forecast. The biggest island of Greece is isolated by air and sea as winds blowing with intensity of up to 10 Beaufort have brought ferries traffic to halt, while airplanes have difficulties to land or take off.

All the more Czech vacationers eyeing Crete in 2019

All the more Czech travelers have their sights set on visiting Crete this year, with prebooking figures on the rise, according to data collected by Crete Region authorities at the Holiday World Praha travel fair held in Prague last month.

Crete damage to exceed 100 million euros

The damage to roads, buildings and infrastructure caused by the torrential rain and gales that hit the island of Crete earlier in the week will exceed 100 million euros, according to Regional Governor Stavros Arnaoutakis.

Wildflowers in the olive groves of Crete

When I first came to Crete, the seasons surprised me. Rather than being adorned with red, orange, and yellow deciduous trees, fall turned the green of a Pennsylvania spring, and winter filled with more blossoms than a Rocky Mountain summer.…