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Benaki Museum (Athens)

Benaki Museum cancels inauguration, issues statement on Delivorrias’ death

The inauguration of "Islamic Calligraphy: The Art of Iranian Writing", scheduled for Wednesday at the Islamic Museum in the Kerameikos area, will be cancelled as a mark of respect following the death of Angelos Delivorrias, who had been director of the museum for four decades, the board announced on Tuesday.

Benaki Toy Museum opens its doors to the public

A theatrical doll made by set designer Dionysis Fotopoulos and a wooden horse that Greece's iconic early-20th century politician Eleftherios Venizelos gave to his grandson are two of the items...

Art Nouveau exhibition at Benaki Museum

The Culture Ministry in cooperation with Badisches Landesmuseum and the Benaki Museum organise an exhibition entitled "Art Nouveau" from the collections of the...