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Athens in pieces: The tragedy of democracy

Our next location is a mere 100 steps from where I’m writing these essays. I pass it every day on my way to and from the library. It is the Monument of Lysicrates, built around 334 B.C.E., just about the time Aristotle returned to Athens to found his Lyceum.

Horror for passengers in Sky Express flight Athens-Limnos

A horror flight for passengers of Sky Express from Athens to the island of Limnos on Monday night, Feruary 25, 2019. Fifteen minutes after the takeoff, a deafening noise was heard, and the aircraft began to tremble very loudly.

‘Japan and the book’ exhibition opens on March 4

Artworks from the collections of the Corfu Museum of Asian Art will be on show at the exhibition "Japan and the book", which will run at the City of Athens Municipal Art Gallery between March 4 and May 3, 2019.

Lindsay Lohan arrives in Athens and Mykonos

Lindsay Lohan arrived in Athens International Airport on Saturday afternoon. She flew from Dubai International Airport. However, the Hollywood star did not stay in Greece’s capital for long. On Sunday’s early hours, Mrs. Lohan travelled by…