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KEELPNO President: Ban over-the-counter sale of antibiotis

Greece needs to take action to forbid over-the-counter sale of antibiotics, says Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) President Theofilos Rosenberg, in an open letter to Greek Health Minister Andreas Xanthos.

Andreas Xanthos expresses gratitude to health system staff

Health Minister Andreas Xanthos expressed his gratitude to all the employees of the national health system who, from the very first moment, treated those affected by the fires with conscientious care and dependability.

Andreas Xanthos promises to improve health services on islands

The government understands the importance to the security of islander residents to have a strong public health system and in this direction we are working with a plan, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos said on Wednesday addressing the 15th…

Greece approves law for production of medicinal cannabis

The parliament approved on Thursday evening a bill allowing the production of medicinal cannabis, with the government coalition parties, SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks (ANEL), the Democratic Coalition and Potami voting in favour, while…