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Swearing makes you stronger, study finds

Have a bit of a potty mouth problem? Although you might not be the best company for impressionable young children, you could be a beast in the gym.

Can you hear something that doesn’t make a sound?

Recently, University of Glasgow psychologist and researcher Lisa DeBruine created a mini-sensation on social media when she tweeted a playful animated GIF in which an electrical transmission tower appears to be jumping rope and asked,

Why do we turn down the radio when we’re lost?

In 1930, the Radio Manufacturers Association lobbied that backseat passengers were more of a driver distraction than a car radio; listening to the radio, they claimed, was safer than looking in the rear view mirror.

Turkey to restore historic Armenian church in Diyarbakir

Turkey will restore Surp Giragos Armenian church in Diyarbakir, Anadolu Agency reports. Annan Ertem, director-general of the Foundations department, said 15 million Turkish liras (2.75 million dollars) will be spent on the restoration of…

Boeing 737 Max jets globally grounded to undergo safety checks

The global publicity of the Ethiopian Airlines crash last Sunday has produced a chain of events. The Ethiopian Airlines crash resulted in the casualty of 157 people. Of them, seven were crew members and one security official. Victims came…

Georgian police arrested black market sellers of uranium

Georgian authorities arrested two people on Wednesday who attempted to sell in the black market quantities of radioactive uranium-238. The price was fixtured at $2.8 million. Uranium-238 is the least radioactive material in the family of…

China pledged to help Venezuela repair its power grid network

China offered on Wednesday to assist Venezuela in fixing its damaged power grid network. President Nicholas Maduro, who still retains control of the army and other state institutions accused the U.S. of conducting cyber sabotage in the…